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Generic Requirements for Hardware Attachments for Utility Poles

Document Number GR-3174
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Mar 2012
Replaces GR-180 Issue00

    ABSTRACT: Please note that the title of GR-3174, Generic Requirements for Hardware Attachment for Utility Poles, includes a subtitle (Formerly - Generic Requirements for Pole Attachment Hardware) reflecting the document's expanded scope.

    This Generic Requirements document, GR-3174, provides the critical functional performance, materials and design generic requirements for attachment and support hardware for aerial plant and drop cable facilities. This document provides the necessary material and functional performance test details along with the quality assurance criteria to help ensure high quality, reliable hardware is supplied to communications provider companies.

    GR-3174 contains the generic baseline functional performance requirements for all attachment hardware and detailed designs and material information on selected traditional hardware items. The overall objective of this document is to broaden and expand hardware product coverage to include hardware attachments for all pole types as well as provide generic criteria for new hardware designs.

    GR-3174 provides a single, comprehensive document that covers all hardware designs, material types, technical selection criteria, quality assurance/management system (QMS) needs, and new product evaluation information. This document provides efficient and cost effective means for product selection, evaluation and testing.

    Issue 1 of GR-3174:

    • Broadens the coverage of attachment and support hardware for wooden, steel, concrete, Fiber-Reinforced Composite (FRC) and hybrid pole structures
    • Includes functional requirements to allow alternative protective finishes to be used on pole hardware providing the metallic finishes meet functional performance tests for corrosion resistance, mechanical strength and product reliability
    • Provides updates to quality assurance requirement criteria and associated procedures and testing protocols incorporating field experience and testing data from the communications industry
    • Includes the latest Telcordia format, which includes a title change and new GR number to properly reflect the expanded scope.
    Issue 1 of GR-3174-CORE, Generic Requirements for Hardware Attachments for Utility Poles, replaces GR-180-CORE.

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