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Generic Requirements for Intrabuilding Coaxial Cable

Document Number GR-3175
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jun 2014
Replaces GR-2881 Issue00

    GR-3175, Generic Requirements for Intrabuilding Coaxial Cable, is a new Generic Requirements document (GR). It sets forth the Telcordia view of generic requirements applicable to intrabuilding-, interconnection-, and premises-type coaxial cables placed between telecom service demarcation points on or inside a building, to telecommunications equipment that may include residential gateways and wireless units.

    In normal commercial practices, these products may be called intrabuilding cables or wires, customer-premises cables, and inside wires, among other terms. This GR uses the designation "intrabuilding coaxial cables" to cover coaxial cables that interconnect telecommunications equipment within customer premises, Central Offices (COs), buildings, and structures. These cables are typically used in relatively short runs of a few hundred feet, but they may be longer in larger complexes or tall multi-story buildings.

    In this document, the term "cable" covers the composite structure that contains several or all of the following components:

    • Center conductor
    • Dielectric (foam, air, or solid)
    • Outer conductor
    • Shields and screens
    • Outer polymeric jacket.

    GR-3175 updates, combines, and replaces the following coaxial cable documents:
    • GR-139, Generic Requirements for Central Office Coaxial Cable
    • GR-1398, Generic Requirements for Coaxial Drop Cable
    • GR-2880, Generic Requirements for Plenum Coaxial Cable
    • GR-2881, Generic Requirements for Indoor Coaxial Cable.

    It harmonizes the coaxial cable documents with the new GR format and performance testing philosophy implemented in 2008-2013 for the document family that covers metallic cable products used in communications networks (i.e., GR-421, GR-3163, GR-3164, GR-137, and GR-492).

    When using GR-3175, you may want to refer to GR-2886, GR-2887, and GR-2888.

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