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Telcordia Generic Requirements for Sodium Nickel Chloride (Molten Salt) Batteries for Telecommunications Applications

Document Number GR-3176
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Jul 2023

    This Generic Requirements (GR) document presents proposed generic criteria for sodium nickel chloride (molten salt) batteries. Sodium nickel chloride batteries that are compliant with the criteria in this document are recommended for deployment in the Central Office (CO), Outside Plant (OSP), and at locations such as Controlled Environmental Vaults (CEVs), Electronic Equipment Enclosures (EEEs), huts, and in uncontrolled structures such as cabinets.

    This standard addresses sodium nickel chloride batteries that are shipped fully assembled as 48-volt systems with an integrated electronic management system.

    The objectives of GR-3176 are to:

    • Simplify the complexities associated with product introduction, qualification, and deployment by providing a common framework for evaluating and qualifying sodium nickel chloride battery technologies relative to other alternative battery technologies.
    • Help ensure robust battery design and quality manufacturing.
    • Assure safety and evaluate the effectiveness of protection circuitry.
    • Provide functional design and technical guidelines for this new technology.
    • Present commentaries that address the complexities of assessing sodium nickel chloride battery service life.
    Safety Precautions:

    Proper safety precautions shall be followed for all tests conducted. Proper safety precautions are necessary to prevent injury. Use of these test procedures is solely at the user¿s risk.

    This document includes:
    • Specific safety and performance characteristics of sodium nickel batteries, which should be available for comparison with traditional lead-acid batteries and other alternative battery technology deployments.
    • Information regarding safety documentation, which will assist end users with planning of fire-fighting measures, chemical safety issues, and specific personal protective equipment required for safe handling and maintenance of sodium nickel chloride battery systems.
    Reasons for GR-3176-CORE, Issue 2

    This latest issue adds a requirement to the Electrical Safety Section for listing by a US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).
    This document does not address or define criteria for:
    • Sodium nickel chloride battery subsystem design and specification [i.e., the design and specification of component cell(s), protection switches, fuses, separators, rupture disks, etc.].
    • Recommended practices for the installation, maintenance, and replacement of sodium nickel chloride batteries. Detailed installation, maintenance, and disposal requirements may be found in product technical manuals and documentation, other industry standards, or other Telcordia documents.

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