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Generic Requirements for Wireless Transceiver Facilities

Document Number GR-3178
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Feb 2020

    GR-3178 supplies specific supplementary criteria for the protective closures or boxes used to house selected wireless transceiver facilities. These facilities are designated as Wireless Transceiver Facilities (WiTFs) and include equipment with the transmitting/receiving capability associated with antennas, as well as the equipment needed for power, control, monitor, transmission, and backhaul of the wireless signals. The facilities covered include the following:

    • Active Antennas
    • Active Distributed Antenna Systems (DASs), including Indoor DAS (i-DAS), Outdoor DAS (o-DAS), and GPS Antenna systems.
    • Free-Space Optics (FSOs)
    • Remote Radio Heads (RRHs), including microwave systems.
    • Small Cells - femtocells, picocells, metrocells, microcells, and more.
    • Power, including metered AC power, flat rate AC power derived from the power utility, HFC power derived from the CATV utility, TELCO provided DC or pulsed DC span power and battery backup.

    GR-3178 provides:
    • Commentaries on ambient air temperatures and operational temperatures expected in the Outside Plant (OSP) and inside buildings applications.
    • Guidance on installation, storage, and transportation conditions expected for the WiTF equipment and closures.
    • Commentary on the facility definitions and environmental and mechanical caveats, as well as a summary table of the functional performance requirements for WiTF closures.
    • Requirements relevant to the test protocols, deployment environments, and general physical design aspects for WiTF systems and closures.
    • Requirements intended to simulate actual installation and/or operating stresses to which the WiTF closure and system are expected to be exposed under normal operating conditions.

    GR-3178 issue 2 was developed to:
    • Coordinate with the latest industry standards
    • Coordinate with the National Electric Code and National Electrical Safety Code
    • Provide updated requirements to cover 5G deployments including concealments
    • Provide increased information on product testing for analysis and laboratory consistency
    • Provide tutorial information for 5G deployment that can help reduce installation time

    This document is intended for the use of telecommunications service providers, original equipment manufacturers, systems integrators, and independent testing laboratories.

    When using GR-3178, you may want to refer to GR-3171, GR-3108, GR-3031, GR-3032, GR-3033, GR-950, GR-63, and GR-487.

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