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Program Audio Special Access and Local Channel Services

Document Number GR-337
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Dec 1995
Replaces TR-NPL-000337 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: Program audio services are typically one-way, full- or part-time communication services provided by the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) between an Interexchange Carrier (IC) Point Of Termination (POT) and a POT of an End User (EU), or between POTs of the same or different EUs. The services are provided on any form or configuration of physical plant capable of transmitting the complex signal voltage of speech or music for broadcast material.

    This Generic Requirements (GR) document describes the view of Telcordia on Program Audio Special Access and Local Channel Services (Program Audio Services) that may be offered by LECs to ICs or EUs. The description covers service features, technical generic requirements, and interfaces. In addition, a quantitative and qualitative description of service at EU and IC-POTs is provided so that compatible operation will be achieved.

    GR-337 replaced TR-NPL-000337 and PUB-62503.

    GR-334, TR-NWT-000335, TR-NPL-000336, GR-337, GR-338, TR-NPL-000339, TR-NPL-000340, TR-NWT-000341, and GR-342 were formerly bundled as TR-TSY-000333.

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