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Generic Requirements for Optical Cable Innerduct, Associated Conduit, and Accessories

Document Number GR-356
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Jun 2009
Replaces TR-NWT-000356 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces TR-NWT-000356.

    Issue 2 of GR-356, Generic Requirements for Optical Cable Innerduct, Associated Conduit, and Accessories, replaces Issue 1.

    This document provides criteria for analyzing optical cable innerducts used for placing optical cables in the outside and inside plant environments. Included is the Telcordia view of the requirements, as well as desired features, and characteristics of optical cable innerduct, and the performance tests for comparing such products against the stated requirements. The performance tests are intended to reflect a composite picture of various operating conditions to which these types of innerduct may be subjected.

    Innerducts, duct-liners, ducts, conduits, and conduit banks consist of cylindrical pipes that provide physical protections for fiber, coaxial, and metallic cables in telecommunications and other networks.

    Issue 2 includes:

    • New general product design criteria, broad operational requirements, and universal crafter compatibility needs
    • Expanded material requirements with performance criteria to allow a greater selection of materials and additives to be used
    • New sections on corrosion resistance of mounting hardware and on critical functional performance requirements for the conduits
    • New tests and test procedures
    • New harmonization with industry standards
    When using GR-356, you may need to refer to GR-20, GR-63, GR-409, GR-909, GR-1252, GR-1398, GR-1399, GR-2836, GR-2898, GR-3155, SR-1421 and CA08546. You may want to refer to GR-209, GR-454, GR-839, and GR-2759 as well as various ASTM and EIA/TIA industry standards.

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