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CLASS Feature: Call Waiting Deluxe, FSD 01-02-1215

Document Number GR-416
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Dec 1999
Replaces TR-NWT-000416 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces GR-416, Issue 1, April 1995, but does NOT contain any requirements or changes to existing requirements since GR-416 was issued in April of 1995. This issue only reflects corrections in figures and flowcharts that were found to be inconsistent with the text and intent of the April 1995 requirements and was recently brought to the attention of Telcordia. Although the industry follows and implements the services according to the text of the requirements, and the text in this case is correct, Telcordia is issuing a copy of GR-416 with the corrections to the owners/purchasers of GR-416 to reduce any opportunity for misinterpretation in the future. Also, the document has been reformatted to comply with the new Telcordia format and GR process.

    Regarding the technology, Call Waiting Deluxe Feature allows a customer to control the treatment applied to incoming calls while the customer is off-hook on a stable call. This Generic Requirements (GR) document describes the Call Waiting Deluxe Feature and gives the view of Telcordia on proposed requirements for the Feature.

    GR-416 replaced TR-NWT-000416.

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