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Generic Reliability Assurance Requirements for Fiber Optic Transport Systems

Document Number GR-418
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Dec 1999
Replaces TR-NWT-000418 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: GR-418 presents the Telcordia Technologies view of generic reliability assurance requirements for fiber optic transport Network Elements (NEs) and systems. This GR complements other Telcordia documents that provide common and system-specific feature, function, and performance criteria. The proposed criteria within this document apply to all fiber optic transport NEs and systems, as well as other types of NEs with fiber optic interfaces used in interoffice and loop applications. Such equipment includes fiber optic end terminals and Terminal Multiplexers (TMs), Add/Drop Multiplexers (ADMs), Digital Cross-connect Systems (DCS's), feeder transport equipment, and Fiber-In-The-Loop (FITL) systems.

    This GR is intended to provide a concise reference of reliability/quality assurance criteria applicable to any of the above fiber optic products. It is directed toward an equipment supplier's design engineering, manufacturing, and reliability/quality organizations.

    Major changes from previous issues, including TR-NWT-000418 and GR-418, are detailed in Section 1.2.

    Issue 2 of GR-418, Generic Reliability Assurance Requirements for Fiber Optic Transport Systems, replaces Issue 1.

    GR-418 replaced TR-NWT-000418.

    When using GR-418, you may need to refer to TA-TSY-000038, GR-253, GR-282, GR-454, GR-499, GR-909, and/or SR-332. You may also want to refer to TR-TSY-000016, GR-57, GR-63, GR-78, TR-NWT-000179, TR-NWT-000233, GR-303, GR-357, GR-468, GR-472, GR-474, GR-487, GR-496, GR-512, GR-839, GR-840, TR-NWT-000870, GR-874, GR-929, TR-NWT-000930, GR-468, TR-NWT-001037, GR-1089, GR-1217, GR-1221, GR-1230, GR-1252, GR-1274, GR-1312, GR-1339, GR-1399, GR-1400, GR-2841, GR-2918, GR-2969, SR-TSY-001171, and/or SR-3535.

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