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Generic Requirements and Design Considerations for Fiber Distributing Frames

Document Number GR-449
Issue Number 03
Issue Date Mar 2012
Replaces SR-4588 Issue03

    ABSTRACT: This Generic Requirements document, GR-449-CORE, describes the Telcordia view of proposed generic requirements and design considerations for Fiber Distributing Frame (FDF) systems. FDFs are one type of optical cross-connect systems. An FDF is designed to be the interface between the outside plant fibers in an optical fiber transmission system and the fiber cables inside the Central Office (CO) or at a Remote Site (RS). These generic requirements, if applied to any FDF system, manual or automated, regardless of the optical technologies employed in its design or manufacture, should meet the needs of a typical communications service provider.

    In GR-449, CO may refer either to a traditional CO building or to a remote node site that has replaced a building as part of a CO building consolidation project. Cross-connection is the principal function of the FDF, and FDFs will have to accommodate large numbers of optical fibers easily. Test access is an FDF function.

    Because many new fiber types have been developed over the last decade, the GR is updated to define a more detailed specification of the optical properties of the fiber jumpers used in FDF testing.

    The FDFs described in this document provide a safe environment for the fiber plant they support, thus enabling a long and trouble-free service lifetime. FDFs may be manual or automated devices. Nothing in these requirements precludes the development or use of any type of FDF. The requirements apply primarily to manual FDFs. This document does not include information on optical switches or Digital Cross-connect systems (DSCs).

    Issue 3 contains:

    • Requirements for Generation IV Next Generation Frames (NGFs)
    • New Wavelength-Dependent Loss (WDL) testing requirements
    • Information for the use of Local Connector (LC) type connectors
    • Recent information on new bend-insensitive fibers.
    This document now aligns with other recent FDF industry specifications and the new issues of:
    • GR-20-CORE,Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber Cable
    • GR-409-CORE, Generic Requirements for Indoor Fiber Optic Cable
    • GR-63-CORE, NEBSTM Requirements: Physical Protection
    GR-449 replaced TR-TSY-000266, TR-OPT-000449, and SR-4588. GR-449 and TR-TSY-000010 replaced TR-TSY-000021.

    Issue 3 of GR-449, Generic Requirements and Design Considerations for Fiber Distributing Frames, replaces Issue 2.

    When using GR-449, you may need to refer to GR-20, GR-63, GR-66, GR-78, GR-209, GR-253, GR-326, GR-356, GR-409, GR-454, TA-NPL-000464, GR-485, GR-499, GR-765, GR-839, GR-974, GR-1081, GR-1089, GR-1095, GR-1435, GR-2525, GR-3154, and SR-3580. You may want to refer to TA-TSY-000038, TA-EOP-000345, GR-418, TR-TSY-000481, TR-TSY-000824, TR-TSY-000827, GR-828, and GR-909, as well as various standards documents.

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