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Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Network Traffic Management

Document Number GR-495
Issue Number 04
Issue Date Dec 1999
Replaces TR-NWT-000495 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: GR-495, Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Network Traffic Management, sets forth the Telcordia Technologies proposed view of generic requirements for a set of generic messages to convey Network Traffic Management (NTM) information between Network Elements (NEs) and an NTM Operations System (OS). The information contained in this document is intended to support traffic management functions in the NEs, and to allow NEs to interface directly with an NTM OS.

    While breadth and flexibility are among the aims of these documents, it is recognized that no list of functions and messages is completely exhaustive or comprehensive in view of the rapidly evolving nature of the telecommunications industry.

    The NTM services that are identified in this document pertain to NEs that handle call processing and routing. These elements may be found in a circuit switched network, a packet switched network, or a signaling network. This GR considers Stored Program Control Systems (SPCS) that only provide switching as well as those that use the Common Channel Signaling Network (CCSN) for either signaling and or intelligent services. Signaling Transfer Point (STP), Service Control Point (SCP), and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) capabilities are also modeled. The NTM functions and data included in the information model that pertains to these NEs are of sufficient scope to support, in part, a broader range of elements and networks. It is also anticipated, and the document has been structured, to accommodate the addition of new services and subnetworks in future issues.

    The information model provided in Issue 4 of GR-495-CORE contains updates for traffic surveillance of an ATM NE and the NTM information model in the document was enhanced accordingly.

    GR-495 replaced GR-495-CORE-DISK, TR-NWT-000495, and TA-NWT-000495.

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