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LSSGR: Manual Line Features (FSD 01-02-0301)

Document Number GR-562
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jun 2000
Replaces TR-TSY-000562 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: GR-562 replaces TR-TSY-000562, Issue 1, but contains NO TECHNICAL CHANGES from that original document. It has been issued strictly to conform with the new Telcordia Technologies document format and GR process, and carries a new issue number and date.

    This document fills a need that telephone subscribers often have for a telephone service that requires no dialing. Some customers want a service through which an origination is completed to an operator, and others want the origination to result in a completion to a predetermined destination. The most extreme origination restriction is the denied origination case, in which originations are completely ignored. This GR provides the view of Telcordia on generic requirements for three manual line features: manual originating line, direct connect, and denied origination. Each are described below.

    Manual Originating Line: The manual originating line feature connects the originating line to an operator when the station user goes off-hook. Terminating calls are handled normally.

    Direct Connect: Lines with the direct connect feature automatically place a call to a preassigned called number after the station user goes off-hook. The direct connect station receives calls normally.

    Denied Origination: The denied origination feature provides a Stored Program Control System (SPCS) with the capability to selectively deny call originations to individual lines, either or both parties of a two-party line, or all parties of a multiparty line. Terminating calls are handled normally.

    GR-560, GR-561, GR-562, GR-563, GR-564, GR-565, GR-568, and GR-569 replaced TR-TSY-000521 and TA-TSY-000229.

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