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LSSGR: Traffic Data Provision Features (FSD 02-02-1200)

Document Number GR-621
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jun 2000
Replaces TR-NWT-000621 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: GR-621 replaces TR-NWT-000621, Issue 1, but contains NO TECHNICAL CHANGES from that original document. It has been issued strictly to conform with the new Telcordia Technologies document format and GR process, and carries a new issue number and date.

    A business group customer can be provided with three administrative features: (1) The Traffic Data (TRAF) feature, (2) The Non-Usage Trunk Scan and Locked Up Trunk Scan (NUTS/LUTS) feature, (3) the Automatic Circuit Assurance (ACA) feature.

    The TRAF feature provides a business group customer with trunk group, simulated facility group, queue, and voice feature traffic information as peg and usage measurements. The customer can use the information for network surveillance and as input to network engineering studies. The NUTS/LUTS feature provides a business group customer with trunk group performance information that the customer can use for private network surveillance. The ACA feature provides a business group customer with trunk group status information and allows early detection of faulty trunks. This GR describes the view of Telcordia on generic requirements for the TRAF, NUTS/LUTS, and ACA business group administrative features.

    GR-600, GR-601, GR-602, GR-603, GR-604, GR-605, GR-610, GR-620, GR-621, and GR-632 replaced TR-TSY-000523.

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