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NEBS Requirements: Physical Protection

Document Number GR-63
Issue Number 05
Issue Date Dec 2017
Replaces TR-NWT-000063 Issue05

    This Generic Requirements document (GR) presents minimum spatial and environmental criteria for all new telecommunications equipment used in Central Offices (COs) and other environmentally controlled telecommunications equipment spaces. These criteria were developed jointly by Telcordia-NIS and industry representatives. They are applicable to switching and transport systems, associated Cable Distribution Systems (CDSs), Distributing and Interconnecting Frames (DFs and IFs), power equipment, operations support systems, and Cable Entrance Facilities (CEFs). Compliance with these requirements may increase network robustness, simplify equipment installation, and promote the economical planning, engineering, and operation of equipment spaces.

    Telecommunications equipment, by nature of its physical installation in a building, may be exposed to environmental stresses. The generic criteria presented in the following sections are intended to help avoid equipment damage and malfunction caused by such things as temperature and humidity, vibrations, and airborne contaminants; to minimize fire ignitions and fire spread, and to provide for improved space planning, simplified equipment installation, and increased energy efficiency.

    This document provides only those requirements related to the physical aspects of equipment-building interfaces, including physical dimensions and environmental performance criteria. Additional design requirements, including functional, electrical, and reliability requirements, may be found in other generic requirements documents.

    Issue 5 reflects the collective experience of the participants, the evolving needs of the industry, and developments in related standards. The changes in Issue 5 include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Explicit criteria for the fire resistance of telecommunications batteries are now provided.
    • Certain chassis designs that are proven resistant to fire spread can now claim conformance to the fire spread and fire propagation hazard criteria based on a physical assessment without fire spread testing.
    • Testing for resistance to hygroscopic dust is eliminated for products that operate at voltages that have demonstrated to be highly immune to leakage current effects.
    • The opportunities to leverage test results for resistance to mixed flowing gas have been expanded upon, thus curtailing the need for this test when products utilize proven designs and manufacturing methods.

    Issue 5 of GR-63, NEBS Requirements: Physical Protection, replaces Issue 4 and is a module of FD-NEBS-01.

    When using GR-63, you may want to refer to these other related NEBS equipment protection requirements documents: GR-1089, SR-3580, GR-78, GR-357, GR-487, GR-2930, GR-3160, and various standards and industry forum documentation.

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