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Generic Requirements For Network Element/Network System (NE/NS) Security

Document Number GR-815
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Mar 2002
Replaces TR-NWT-000815 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: Next Generation Network Network Elements (NEs) have been emerging in the marketplace to enable the convergence of voice and data services on common communications networks. These NEs are based on a distributed system model using common computing platforms and interfaces as opposed to the traditional centralized telecommunications NEs. GR-815, Issue 2, is the first commercial view of security for these types of new NEs.

    The introduction of Internet Protocol (IP)-based packet networks along side of conventional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) circuit-switched networks raises concerns for potential new security threats and vulnerabilities associated with interoperability and convergence of both networks. Topics covered in this document include the following.

    • Section 2, Threats and Vulnerabilities, introduces the primary models of intrusion, and identifies attack points that all NE/NS's have in common. It also outlines common attack techniques.
    • Section 3, Security Feature Requirements, describes the generic NE/NS security services required for protecting equipment in communications networks. It includes requirements for identification and authentication, confidentiality, system and resource access control, security audits, data and system integrity, and more.
    • Section 4, Development Life Cycle Requirements, defines the generic requirements for Vendor Development Life Cycle, e.g., various phases of design, development, testing, installation, etc.
    If you are a Communications Service Provider (CSP) of any type (from a telecommunications carrier through an Internet Service Provider), an NE/NS vendor, or even a security analyst, this document is a must for the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of your system.

    This document replaces GR-815, Issue 1.

    GR-815 replaced FA-NWT-000815, TR-NWT-000815, and TR-TSY-000815.

    When using GR-815, you may need to refer to TR-NWT-000835. You may also want to refer to GR-1332, and/or GR-3025.

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