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Network Maintenance: Access and Testing Messages

Document Number GR-834
Issue Number 03
Issue Date Jun 2000
Replaces TR-NWT-000834 Issue04

    ABSTRACT: GR-834, Network Maintenance: Access and Testing Messages, describes TL1 messages for executing access and testing functions described in detail in GR-818, GR-819, GR-822, and GR-823. It informs the industry of the Telcordia view of Test System Controller/Remote Test Units (TSC/RTUs) that interface with OS's, and provides suppliers of NEs that interface with TSC/RTUs with the Telcordia view of proposed requirements for executing remote access and testing functions. The applications include accessing and testing the following:

    • Voiceband Special Services (SS's) circuits
    • Voiceband analog data circuits
    • Voiceband data circuits
    • Digital Data System (DDS) circuits
    • Digital trunks
    • High Capacity Digital Service (HCDS) (refer to GR-54-CORE)
    • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Access (BRA) lines (refer to ANSI T1.601)
    • No Test Trunk (NTT) Access for Switched SS Circuits
    In addition, Access Identifiers (AIDs) for SS circuits are described in TR-OPT-000330.

    GR-834, Issue 3, adds commands for the testing of SONET paths, as well as updating other commands for the current transport environment. The introduction to Section 7 was updated, removing issue specific information that was incorporated when the section was created in Issue 2.

    The Switched Fractional command description was modified to properly describe the commands as OS-TSC commands. Measure Signal T1 was modified to clearly define the use of the overflow counter indicator.

    The following documents were fully or partly replaced by GR-834: TR-NWT-000834, TA-TSY-000201, TA-TSY-000203, and TA-TSY-001025.

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