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ISDN Automatic Message Accounting Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-862
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jan 1998
Replaces TR-NWT-000862 Issue03

    ABSTRACT: GR-862-CORE, Issue 1, ISDN Automatic Message Accounting (AMA) Generic Requirements, has been created through restructuring and updating a previous Telcordia document, TR-NWT-000862, and its four supplements that contained generic requirements for ISDN AMA. AMA for circuit-mode ISDN calls only (not packet-mode calls) are covered in this document. Primary topics are: Basic ISDN AMA requirements; AMA for Supplementary Services and Signaling Capabilities; and Integrated Customer Advanced Networking (ICAN).

    The section on Basic ISDN AMA introduces basic record types including ISDN Special Structure, ISDN Call Type Codes, ISDN Core Module, and basic Originating and Terminating call recording for both intra- and internetwork calls in a logically ordered fashion. ISDN supplementary services and corresponding specific modules are described in adjacent subsections in the section on AMA for Supplementary Services and Signaling capabilities. ICAN services have been retained in a separate section.

    This document presents the ISDN AMA generic requirements in a single, stable body.

    GR-862 replaced TR-NWT-000862, TA-NWT-000862, and TR-NWT-000862-SUP01.

    When using GR-862, you may need to refer to GR-508, GR-610, and GR-1100. You may also need to refer to GR-31, GR-215, GR-227, GR-391, GR-533, GR-1083, TR-NWT-001187, GR-1298.

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