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Generic Requirements for Handholes and Other Below-Ground Splice Vaults

Document Number GR-902
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Mar 2013
Replaces TR-TSY-000902 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This Generic Requirements document (GR) outlines the Telcordia proposed generic requirements for handholes and other below-ground splice vaults intended to house telecommunications components used in an outside plant environment. All handholes covered in this document are intended for non-deliberate traffic applications. These products may house GR-771, Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic Splice Closures, or GR-3151, Generic Requirements for Copper Splice Closures, type closures used for the distribution of telephone service or coaxial taps, and fiber optic passive elements used to distribute broadband services.

    Handholes are plastic or polymer concrete structures set below ground with their lids flush to the surrounding soil, turf, footpath, or road surface. These products can be used to:

    • House and protect copper, coaxial, and optical fiber telephone cable splices and distribution elements
    • Provide convenient access to, while safeguarding, cable termination and branch points
    • Provide flexibility and access for installation operations (e.g., pulling or blowing cables).

    These below-ground handholes and splice vaults provide mechanical and environmental protection for the splices contained within them, allow access for craftsperson work activities, and discourage access by unauthorized persons.

    Issue 2 includes new technical requirements based on Telcordia field and lab analysis. It provides loading requirements for the four basic environment zones:
    • Light Duty: Pedestrian Only
    • Medium Duty: Pedestrian and Light Incidental Vehicular Traffic
    • Heavy Duty: Non-Deliberate (Incidental) Vehicular Traffic - Class 7
    • Heavy Duty: Non-Deliberate (Incidental) Vehicular Traffic - Class 8

    In addition, various requirements and test procedures have been edited to improve clarity and provide more details to help ensure consistent implementation of product test programs between laboratories.

    Issue 2 of GR-902 replaces Issue 1 (which replaced TR-TSY-000902).

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