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Reliability and Quality Measurements for Telecommunications Systems (RQMS-Wireline)

Document Number GR-929
Issue Number 08
Issue Date Dec 2002
Replaces GR-1508 Issue00

    ABSTRACT: Issue 8 of GR-929, Reliability and Quality Measurements for Telecommunications Systems (RQMS-Wireline), replaces Issue 7.

    The Reliability and Quality (R&Q) of telecommunications systems are vital to service providers in maintaining high quality services to the ultimate customers. To maintain and improve quality in the network, service providers and suppliers must understand how the various Network Elements (NEs) are performing in operation. R&Q improvement is the ultimate goal. The reliability and quality measurements contained in RQMS-Wireline are a set of measurement tools designed to assist both service providers and suppliers to monitor, measure, and understand performance of the products in operation.

    The requirements in this document are generic for NE types. They apply to the life cycle phase beginning at General Availability and concentrate on field performance. They focus on measuring various aspects of R&Q, product performance, maintainability, and support of a particular supplier's system. Measurement reporting by the individual suppliers to the service providers is intended to furnish status information and to encourage improvement through monitoring trends.

    This document addresses the selected measurements, data content, algorithm, calculation, objectives, and presentation of the R&Q measurements. Objectives for performance have been designed for measurements based on NE type. Actual performance of the products are measured against the objectives set. These measurements and the objectives have been designed, tested, and refined over a period of years by service providers and suppliers working together. They now represent an up-to-date set of R&Q requirements for the selected NEs that service providers and suppliers can use in an overall effort to monitor and improve R&Q. It is up to each service provider to assure that the measurements reports provided by a supplier are in compliance with the requirements of this document.

    The requirements described in this document focus on field performance starting at the point where the NE type becomes generally available to the marketplace. This point is termed General Availability. For this reason, the measurements do not represent a complete set covering the entire life cycle of a system, such as requirements development, design, building, etc.

    Issue 8 of GR-929 contains a number of major changes to the wireline requirements as the result of the Telcordia Technical Forum (TTF) and RQMS Working Group meetings held in 2002. Editorial changes were also made to increase clarity and ease of comprehension. This is a continuing activity required as the technical content evolves. The resolutions of the issues that changed GR-929 for this Issue 8 were approved in the TTF.

    GR-929 replaced TR-TSY-000929, TR-TSY-000929-SUP01, TA-NWT-000929, and GR-1508.

    When using GR-929, you may need to refer to GR-209, GR-230, and/or GR-512. You may also want to refer to GR-57, GR-82, GR-253, GR-301, GR-303, GR-418, GR-474, GR-499, GR-508, GR-1339, GR-1417, GR-3059, and/or SR-4717.

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