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ISDN Inspect Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-NWT-002800
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jun 1993

    ABSTRACT: This document provides the Telcordia view of generic requirements for Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Inspect. ISDN Inspect is initiated by a request from the terminal. The switch will respond by sending the appropriate information (via network provided display text) to the user. ISDN Inspect consists of two subfeatures, feature key inspect and call appearance inspect. Feature key inspect enables the end-user to obtain the service description associated with a feature activator. Call appearance inspect consists of idle and nonidle call appearance inspect.

    Idle call appearance inspect enables the end-user to view the Directory Number (DN) or intercom group information associated with a call appearance on his or her terminal. Nonidle appearance Inspect enables the ISDN user to view the DN information of the other party (if available) on an active, held, or offered call. (Note that the ISDN user must be subscribed to calling number delivery in order to receive the calling number of the originating party when that party originated the call.) In addition, calling party name information (if known and not private) is provided for calls terminated to the ISDN user if calling name delivery is active.

    Revision 1 is intended to align the generic requirements for idle call appearance inspect with the Electronic Key Telephone Service (EKTS) subscription parameters for restricting call appearances of DN/CT (Call Transfer) to originating only, terminating only, or originating and priority incoming only. This revised information may also be used for non-EKTS DN/CT pairs that are assigned an originating or terminating access restriction feature.

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