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Telcordia Roadmap to Fiber and Optical Technologies Documents...FREE

Document Number ROADMAP-TO-FIBER-1
Issue Number 08
Issue Date Oct 2015

    ABSTRACT: This free-download document, Telcordia Roadmap to Fiber and Optical Technologies Documents, is your complete guide to all published Telcordia documents related to fiber and optical technologies, including SONET and DWDM. The document is organized into sections covering Fiber Cable and Passive Components, Passive Optical Components, Outside Plant Equipment, Fiber Distribution Hubs, SONET and ATM Transport Technologies, and DWDM/Optical Networking.

    This handy reference source lists all relevant documents on Fiber and Optical Technologies, and provides detailed abstracts for each, an abridged table of contents (to the second level), and an index to topic areas. You can search by document title or by topic area.

    Issue 8 replaces Issue 7, and includes documents that have been updated in the Telcordia Fiber and Optical technology collection since Issue 7 was published in August 2012.

    This document is part of the Telcordia Roadmap to Technology series of documents. In response to an industry need, Telcordia has created this series to provide extensive information on all Telcordia documentation related to a particular technology.

    For more than 25 years, Telcordia has been in the business of not only developing top-of-the-line products for the telecommunications industry, but also writing documents for these products. This has resulted in hundreds of publicly available documents covering dozens of technologies or services. Finding what you need can be a daunting task.

    The Roadmap to Technology series will help you find the exact document you need if you are interested in a particular GR technology. Each Roadmap document contains an extensive list of all the relevant documents for that technology, and includes an abstract, abridged Table of Contents, index to topic areas, and background information on the technology area - a quick tutorial on the technology and its evolution. The roadmap documents also feature handy reference material on other Telcordia products and Telcordia contacts, and a how-to guide for searching the Telcordia SuperStore.

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