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Telcordia Roadmap to Line Information Database (LIDB) Documents...FREE

Document Number ROADMAP-TO-LIDB-1
Issue Number 06
Issue Date Sep 2012

    ABSTRACT: This free-download document, ROADMAP-TO-LIDB-1, Telcordia Roadmap to Line Information Database (LIDB) Documents, is your complete guide to all published Telcordia documents related to LIDB. A LIDB is a real-time, transaction-oriented database that contains subscriber information on virtually all working telephone numbers in North America. LIDBs work as central repositories for data storage and retrieval based on 10-digit line numbers. They are nationally accessible and continually audited and updated. LIDBs are available to local, long-distance, wireless, and other service providers.

    This handy reference source lists all relevant documents on LIDB and provides detailed abstracts for each, an abridged table of contents (to the second level), and an index to topic areas. You can search by document title or by topic area.

    Issue 6 replaces Issue 5, and includes editorial changes and some updated material.

    This document is part of the Telcordia Roadmap to Technology series of documents. In response to an industry need, Telcordia has created this series to provide extensive information on all Telcordia documentation related to a particular technology. Select ROADMAP-TO-GRDOCS for a free guide to the collection of GR Technical Documents.

    For over 25 years, Telcordia has been in the business of not only developing top-of-the-line products for the telecommunications industry, but also writing documents for these products. This has resulted in hundreds of publicly available documents covering dozens of technologies or services. Finding what you need can be a daunting task. With the Roadmap to Technology series, Telcordia is helping you find the exact document you need if you are interested in a particular GR technology. In each Roadmap document, we have compiled an extensive list of all the relevant documents for that technology, with abstracts for each. We also provide an abridged Table of Contents for each document, and an index to topic areas. The documents also contain background information on the technology area - a quick tutorial on the technology and its evolution - and feature handy reference material on other Telcordia products, Telcordia contacts, and a how-to guide for searching the Telcordia Web sites.


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