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Telcordia Blue Book - Manual of Construction Procedures

Document Number SR-1421
Issue Number 07
Issue Date Jan 2023

    For more than two decades, SR-1421, Telcordia Blue Book - Manual of Construction Procedures, commonly referred to as the "Blue Book," has provided the industry with uniform construction practices to promote safety and reliability. SR-1421 describes the uniform construction procedures to be followed by all parties authorized by a communications company to place their communications facilities on supporting structures or in trenches that are owned, administered, or provided by the communications company.

    SR-1421 provides guidance and a set of practices that promote reliable network performance and comply with all national codes. These practices are consistent with current Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules, and seek to meet best industry practices. This Blue Book provides a sound basis for developing productive Joint-Use Agreements (JUAs) and collaborating with other utilities, such as power supply companies.

    The Blue Book has been revised numerous times, usually in response to a new NESC issue as well as when changes in construction methods and new practices have been developed for the fiber and wireless networks. The changes in Issue 7 continue efforts to expand discussion and guidance on the expanding network aspects around wireless facilities, grounding and bonding practices, and new powering architectures. Changes in Issue 7 include but are not limited to, the following:

    • Content has been revised to harmonize with the latest changes in the 2023 issues of NESC and NEC codes.
    • Chapter 15 is updated to reflect latest developments in small cell wireless applications, expanded 5G/6G deployments, and new powering architectures.
    • Sag and tension guidance information for slack span construction and overlashing of cables was added.
    • New material on the general features of Joint-Use Agreements (JUA) and recommendations around the best practices for use of these JUA documents.
    • Chapter 26 was revised to contain clearance information for California General Orders 95 and 128 as they pertain to aerial and buried plants.
    • Updated guidance on appropriate and the preferred grounding means was added to Chapters 10 and 25.
    • Detailed commentaries are provided in Chapter 13 and Appendices A and B on use of the latest wind and ice maps in the NESC.
    • Information on pole braces and H-fixtures was added to Chapter 6.
    • Expanded discussions on the relationship between reliability, resiliency and design choices for telecommunications networks were included.

    SR-1421, Issue 7, replaces Issue 6, March 2017


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