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Reliability Concerns With Lightwave Components

Document Number SR-3244
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Sep 1994

    ABSTRACT: Broadband, high bit-rate, lightwave communication systems are increasingly being deployed in the public telecommunications network. At the same time, the public network infrastructure is evolving and expanding into the so-called information superhighway. This is expected to provide end-to-end transport not only for traditional voice traffic, but also for nontraditional information traffic such as two-way, interactive, on-demand, data, video, wireless, and other information services. Some of these services are being provided by the computer industry and others are being provided by the consumer industry. The convergence of these industries is resulting in equipment of different, unknown or unsuitable technology, design life and reliability performance, being considered for deployment, co-location and interworking with traditional telecommunications equipment.

    This Special Report (SR) consolidates generic reliability concerns associated with lightwave devices to serve as an "aide-memoire" when evaluating these devices for use in public telecommunications network applications. The specific reliability performance will, of course, depend on the particular materials, design, and fabrication processes used.

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