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Reliability Prediction Procedure for Electronic Equipment

Document Number SR-332
Issue Number 04
Issue Date Mar 2016

    Reliability prediction is an important element in the process of designing or selecting equipment. These predictions provide necessary input to system-level reliability models for predicting expected downtime per year and system availability. Issue 4 of SR-332 provides all the tools needed for predicting device and unit hardware reliability, and contains important revisions since the document was last issued.

    The Telcordia Reliability Prediction Procedure has a long and distinguished history of use within and outside the telecommunications industry. Issue 4 of SR-332 provides the only hardware reliability prediction procedure developed from the input and participation of a cross-section of major industrial companies. This lends the procedure and the predictions derived from it a high level of credibility free from the bias of any individual supplier or service provider.

    Issue 4 of SR-332 contains:

    • Recommended methods for predicting device and unit hardware reliability. These techniques estimate the mean failure rate in FITs for electronic equipment. This procedure also documents a recommended method for predicting serial system hardware reliability.
    • Tables needed to facilitate the calculation of reliability predictions.
    • Revised generic device failure rates in Section 8, based mainly on new data for many components.
    • An extended range of complexity for devices, and the addition of new devices.
    • Revised environmental factors in Section 9 based on field data and experience.
    • Clarification and guidance on items raised by forum participants and by frequently asked questions from users.

    Available Separately! An Updated Version of the Reliability Software Tool that Automates the Reliability Prediction Techniques in SR-332

    Select FD-ARPP-01 for more information on this easy-to-use, comprehensive software tool.

    Issue 4 of SR-332, Reliability Prediction Procedure for Electronic Equipment, replaces Issue 3, and is a module of FD-ARPP-01.

    The following documents were fully or partly replaced by SR-332: TR-332, TR-NWT-000332, TA-000-23620-83-01, and IP-10425.

    When using SR-332, you may need to refer to GR-357. You may also want to refer to GR-2969, SR-1171, and SR-TSY-001369.

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