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NEBS(TM) Criteria Levels

Document Number SR-3580
Issue Number 06
Issue Date Jan 2018

    Equipment deployed in telecommunications networks needs to be safe, reliable, and easy to deploy. The NEBS standards in GR-63, Issue 5, NEBS Requirements: Physical Protection, and GR-1089, Issue 8, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electrical Safety - Generic Criteria for Network Telecommunications Equipment, provide uniform criteria for equipment design that is intended to reduce the cost of deployment and maintain reliability of the network.

    SR-3580 groups the NEBS criteria in GR-63 and GR-1089 into functional Levels 1, 2, and 3, and General criteria. Grouping the criteria into levels helps clarify the impact of non-conformance and allows the broad range of NEBS requirements to be judiciously applied to equipment, based on the equipment's application and impact on the operation of the network.

    All the NEBS criteria are important for efficient equipment deployment, and for reliable and safe operation. As such, the differentiation of levels is not an implication of relative importance to the end user. Products designed up front for conformance to all applicable NEBS criteria provide the most cost-effective network service.

    The criteria levels are grouped to ensure they are applicable with current applications of network equipment, and are particularly beneficial to emerging technologies, where rapid deployment is necessary to maintain competitive efficiencies.

    SR-3580, NEBS Criteria Levels, Issue 6 reflects the numerous changes made in GR-63, Issue 5, and GR-1089, Issue 8, and provides a mapping of new and revised criteria into the established NEBS Levels.

    Issue 6 of SR-3580 replaces Issue 5, and is a module of FD-NEBS-01.

    When using SR-3580, you may want to refer to GR-63, GR-1089, GR-974, and SR-3858.

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