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CABS (Carrier Access Billing Systems) Version 58 Summary

Document Number SR-4455-V58
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jan 2018

    ABSTRACT: The Version 58 Summary provides a synopsis, by topic, of the changes that will be contained in Transmittal 91 of the CABS Billing Output Specification (BOS). The Version Summary explains, on an item-by-item approach, the changes being made for a particular version. This item-by-item approach avoids a review of the entire CABS BOS to determine what changes are being incorporated. It is a stand-alone document primarily intended for programmers, analysts and spec writers. The Version 58 Summary contains:

    - Removal of records 10-32-02-50 and 10-32-05-00 in Volume 3

    - Modification to Section 4.31 in Volume 3

    - Removal of record 10-32-02-50 from data elements in Volume 4

    - Removal of record 10-32-05-00 from several data elements in Volume 4

    - Rename Type of Account X to Internet Services. This change impacts several data elements in Volume 4.

    - Remove all verbiage, records, edits and fields associated with Local Transport Credit Page. The updates include removal of Section 28 in Volume 1, Updates to Section 29 in Volume 1, Removal of record 10-40-01-00 in Volume 3, Removal of fields in record 10-40-05-00 in Volume 3, Removal of example of Local Transport Credit Applied in Volume 3, removal of edits in Volume 3A, removal of several data elements in Volume 4.

    - Updates to the definitions of data elements Detail Payments Applied and Detail Adjustments Applied

    - Delete obsolete Phrase Codes related to microfiche (Phrase Codes 230, 231, 608 and 609)

    - Assigned Phrase Codes 790 and 791 for site ready services.


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