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Service Management System (SMS)/800 Mechanized Generic Interface Specification

Document Number SR-4592
Issue Number 10
Issue Date Nov 2003
Replaces GR-1247 Issue00

    ABSTRACT: Issue 10 of SR-4592, Service Management System (SMS)/800 Mechanized Generic Interface Specification, replaces Issue 9.

    This document presents the specifications for the messages comprising the application-message layer of the mechanized system interface between the Service Management System (SMS)/800 and other Operations Systems (OS's) residing in Interexchange Carriers (ICs) and Local Exchange Carriers (LECs). This interface is referred to as the mechanized generic interface (MGI). The MGI is 'generic' in the sense that it is a common standard that can be used by all interested Resp Orgs that need to build to this interface specification.

    Included in this document are specifications for interface message structures and format, interface message language conventions, detailed syntax and semantics for individual messages, and requirements on the OS in order to send data to SMS and receive data from SMS. Also included are capacity requirements and performance guidelines for data transfer.

    SMS/800 is an OS developed by Telcordia to administer the 800 Data Base application residing in the Service Control Points (SCPs). SMS/800 is the central interface that handles customer record additions, deletions, and changes. Customer record information is entered into SMS, where SMS validates the input, translates it into the format required by the SCPs, and distributes it to the appropriate SCP(s).

    The function of the SMS/800 mechanized generic interface, at the application level, is to facilitate the transfer of number administration and customer record administration data between SMS and an OS, in order to support various Responsible Organization (Resp Org) functions supported by SMS. The purpose of this interface is to provide an alternative method of interaction with SMS in order to accomplish several goals:

    • achieve efficiency in managing 800 service number administration and customer record administration
    • decreasing on-line SMS system usage
    • enabling Resp Orgs to link their OS to SMS
    . Changes to Issue 10 include support for the new High Priority Customer Record Update feature. Issue 10 replaces all previous issues and revisions of the MGI Specification.

    This document also replaces GR-1247-CORE.

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