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Telcordia Notes on CPE for Next Generation Network Access...FREE

Document Number SR-NOTES-SERIES-09
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jun 2001

    ABSTRACT: This release in the popular Telcordia Notes on . . . series of documents, Telcordia Notes on CPE for Next Generation Network Access, looks at the end-user customer premises equipment available for accessing a Next Generation Network (NGN). Often referred to as a Customer Gateway (CGW) or an Integrated Access Device (IAD), these devices allow a user to access network-provided voice and data services via a packet-based broadband access facility. This document examines the functionality required of such devices and provides a survey of currently available products.

    With Telcordia Notes on CPE for Next Generation Network Access, you will learn about:

    • The evolution of NGN
    • NGN architecture and current status of deployment
    • Hybrid architectures
    This document also contains CGW and IAD Product Information and provides the capabilities of each product. A comprehensive Glossary and Reference List are included.

    With the Notes on . . . series, Telcordia Technologies has devised a starting point for your search through the rapidly developing world of telecommunications. Written by the authors of the successful Telcordia Notes on the Network document SR-2275, this series similarly contains technical material of interest to engineering and planning groups, as well as descriptions of the characteristics and background of these subjects in layman's terms. The difference is that Telcordia Notes on . . . zeros in on one technology in each document and breaks it down into manageable terms. From the history, background, and basic elements through a discussion of what the future may bring, our subject matter experts cover the important aspects in as few words as possible.

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