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Stored Program Control System/Operations System (SPCS/OS) - Network Data Collection Operations System (NDC OS) Interface

Document Number TR-740
Issue Number 04
Issue Date Mar 2000
Replaces TR-TSY-000740 Issue03

    ABSTRACT: Issue 4 of TR-740, Stored Program Control System/Operations System (SPCS/OS0) - Network Data Collection Operations System (NDC OS) Interface, replaces Issue 3 of TR-TSY-000740.

    TR-740 contains the requirements for interfacing Stored Program Control Systems (SPCS's) with the Network Data Collection Operations System (NDC OS) for collecting SPCS traffic data. This interface was known previously as the "Stored Program Control System/Operations System (SPCS/OS) Interface - Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System (EADAS) Interface." This change in terminology is to reflect that there are other NDC OS's. EADAS is only one vendor's version of an NDC OS. Other NDC OS's include TDMS, DCOS 2000, and NTDCA. All instances of EADAS have been changed to NDC OS, as appropriate. The requirements provide for interfaces between new types of SPCS's and NDC OS's, as well as the message format conventions that will be followed on subsequent SPCS software generic issues.

    An NDC OS is a computer-based system that collects and analyzes traffic data from many NEs. Interaction with an NDC OS is possible in three ways: data collection, report generation, and database management.

    Excluding the traffic Network Management (NM) polling features, an NDC OS may poll for traffic data from each connected NE at fifteen minutes, half-hour, hour, and 24-hour intervals. NDC OS reports may be of the Scheduled, Exception, or Demand type. They are displayed on designated NDC OS data terminals or on associated printers. An NDC OS also writes most of its acquired data to a magnetic tape or transmits its collected data via a high-speed data link to downstream systems for more sophisticated analysis, processing, report generation, and distribution. Traffic equipment and trunking engineers are typical recipients of downstream reports.

    An NDC OS supports an administrator interface for administering the system, e.g., establishing NEs and their associated files, and specifying data collection intervals, database management, and data collection problem resolution via the data terminals.

    Issue 4 of TR-740 reflects a change in document number configuration from TR-TSY-000740 to TR-740. Issue 4 also includes modifications to Section 3, and Table 3-7.

    GR-730, TR-TSY-000732, TR-TSY-000734, TR-TSY-000736, GR-738, TR-740, GR-741, TR-TSY-000742, TR-TSY-000743, TR-TSY-000744, and TR-746 replaced TR-TSY-000537.

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