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Generic Requirements for Manual Digital Signal Cross-Connect Frames DSX-3

Document Number TR-NPL-000424
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jul 1988
Replaces TA-NPL-000424 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces TA-NPL-000424.

    Digital Signal Cross-Connect (DSX) frame provides a common location that has a flexible means for interconnecting digital equipment to provide digital telecommunications services and serves as a major part of a common maintenance center for Digital Signal (DS) systems. Three fundamental functions are performed at the DSX frame:
    (1) cross-connecting electrically connects the various digital signal equipment (2) testing permits a technician to access the circuit (3) patching permits the rapid restoration of service by allowing the technician to make temporary substitutions for defective facilities or central office equipment.

    This Technical Reference (TR) describes the view of Telcordia on technical generic requirements for a manually operated DSX-3 system that if met, should meet typical Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) operational requirements for DS3 (44.736 Mb/s signals). It covers the DSX bay, frame, network and system requirements and not detailed design information for specific hardware.

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