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Generic Criteria for Base Exchange Radio Systems

Document Number TR-NWT-000911
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Sep 1990
Replaces TA-TSY-000911 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces TA-TSY-000911.

    The basic intent of a Basic Exchange Radio (BEXR) system is to provide service to isolated or remotely located rural customers where it is economically advantageous. The applicability of these systems is generally limited to rural usage due to two factors:
    1) the shared use of the authorized radio spectrum with mobile telephone services (2) the inability of the current economical BEXR technologies to transmit high-speed voiceband data signals.

    This Technical Reference (TR) provides the view of Telcordia on generic functional criteria for a BEXR system for use as wireless local exchange distribution facilities in rural areas. The BEXR system discussed in this document consists of a Central Office Terminal (COT) located near the local exchange switch, a Radio Base Station (RBS) located either with the COT or remotely at a site that optimizes the point-to-multipoint radio transmissions, and multiple Remote Terminals (RTs) located near the customer sites.

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