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OSSGR Sections 11 - 20: Miscellaneous

Document Number TR-NWT-001155
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Feb 1991

    ABSTRACT: This Technical Reference (TR) describes the following requirements and objectives applicable to the operator services system: service standards requirements (i.e., blocking, delay, and response times requirements);reliability and quality requirements and objectives; power systems and grounding environment provisions; network management control requirements, including Line Information Database (LIDB) automatic and manual network management controls; and system capacity requirements. In addition, references to switching systems equipment requirements, electromagnetic and electrical environment requirements, and digital switching systems synchronization requirements are provided. This document also describes and references the operator services system documentation requirements necessary to plan, evaluate, procure, operate, administer, and maintain the operator services system.

    Revision 1 states the view of Telcordia on generic requirements the Automatic LIDB Network Management (NM) Controls for an operator services system that supports Originating Line Number Screening (OLNS). Specifically, this revision defines a new OLNS Network Management Control List (distinct from the Alternate Billing Services [ABS] Network Management Control List) that is used by the operator services system to indicate which Numbering Plan Area (NPA)-NXX's are under network management control for OLNS due to Service Control Point (SCP) overload.

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