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ISDN Primary Rate Interface Call Control Switching and Signaling Generic Requirements for Class II Equipment

Document Number TR-NWT-001268
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Dec 1991
Replaces SR-NWT-002108 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This document proposes the Generic Requirements for local switching systems that offer public network ISDN capabilities over a Primary Rate interface to CLASS II equipment. The scope of the document is to call establishment and clearing procedures for signaling over a Primary Rate Interface to CLASS II equipment and interworking with existing networks. Supplementary services over a Primary Rate Interface are beyond the scope of this document. In addition, four appendices are included covering the following material:

    • Appendix A
    • Covers Symmetric Call Operation for public switching systems providing private network services;
    • Appendix B
    • Covers the D-channel Back-Up procedures to allow a public switch to have a standby D-channel to allow greater reliability when using non-facility-associated signaling (for more than 2 DS1 facilities);
    • Appendix C
    • Covers the Data Dictionary for memory update commands;
    • Appendix D
    • Covers the Group-Specific Traffic application for Primary Rate to allow CLASS II equipment increased public and private traffic functionality..

      TR-NWT-001268 replaced TA-NWT-001268 and SR-NWT-002108. TR-NWT-001268 is erroneously referred to as "TR-NWT-001286" in GR-505. Issue 1 contains Revisions 1 through 4.

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