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SMDS Generic Criteria on Operations Interfaces - Information Model Supporting Intercarrier SMDS

Document Number TR-TSV-001235
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Nov 1993

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces TA-TSV-001235.

    Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS) is a high-speed, connectionless, public packet switching service that will extend Local Area Network (LAN)-like performance beyond the subscriber's premises, across a metropolitan or wide area. The communications entities interconnected by SMDS include Local Area Networks (LANs), host systems, and user workstations. Operations communications between a managing system and a managed system are defined in terms of an information model that defines the information that can be exchanged between the two systems. A managing system for SMDS is an Operations System (OS), and the managed systems are called Switching Systems (SS), or more generically, Network Elements (NEs).

    The information model presented in this document is intended to support features of intercarrier SMDS only, and is incremental to the information model supporting Exchange SMDS found in TR-TSV-001064, "SMDS Generic Criteria on Operations Interfaces - SMDS Information Model an Usage."

    This Technical Reference (TR) presents the view of Telcordia on generic criteria for operations communications between managing systems and managed systems (i.e., the OS/NE interface) to support Exchange Access SMDS (XA-SMDS) and SMDS serving arrangements between a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) and a Neighboring Local Exchange Carrier (NLEC) located within the same Local Access and Transport Area (LATA).

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