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Additional Service Switching Point and Related End Office Capabilities (Including Private Virtual Network Services)

Document Number TR-TSY-000402
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Jul 1989
Replaces TA-TSY-000402 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: Private Virtual Network (PVN) service uses the public switched networks to provide private network features and capabilities. It provides connections for customers within a Local Access and Transport Area (LATA) and, via interLATA Carriers (ICs), connections to other LATAs. Included in this feature are connections to and from physical private facilities. PVN offers business customers a service that is intended to replace and/or supplement current private network offerings. This service is designed to provide cost savings to customers while offering a simulated, dedicated network facility and improved network efficiencies for both network providers and users.

    This Technical Reference (TR) provides the view of Telcordia on generic requirements for the PVN services and includes requirements for both Service Switching Points (SSPs) and non-SSP switches interfacing with SSP switches.

    The requirements are intended primarily to provide PVN features; however, the capabilities specified in this document could possibly have applications for other services.

    Revision 1 has been interfiled into the main Issue 2 document. It contains the modified pages to update the Automatic Message Accounting (AMA) requirements of Section 3.5.8, "Billing and Comptroller." The changes made are technical, editorial, and reference updates.

    The following documents were fully or partly replaced by TR-TSY-000402: TR-TSY-000402-ADDM, TA-TSY-000402, TA-TSY-000877, and TA-TSY-000922.

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